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[one-shot] Something other than friends

Title: Something other than friends
Pairing: KoyaShige
Word count: 4,113
Rating: Hard R
Comments: Written for the koyashigedake October fic prompt It's a little on the cracky side.

This fic wouldn't have been possible without the incredible editing power of L. She preformed a miracle and fixed this mess of a fic.

Summary: Koyama reads an article in a magazine and gets the wrong idea.

Koyama held the magazine closer to his face carefully reading the article while trying to shield it from the view of any passersby at the same time.

He had been waiting for his turn in front of the camera for the magazine shoot when he had picked up a random magazine to pass the time. Tegoshi was sitting across the room, suspiciously quiet. Koyama's eyes darted up from the article to make sure that Tegoshi wasn't looking over his shoulder or destroying any of his belongings.

Satisfied that Tegoshi was just quietly reading to himself, which seemed a little bizarre on its own but at least he wasn’t trying to chat him up, his eyes flew back to the article: “Sefure (sex friend) Do you have one yet?”.

According to the magazine this super trend was practically old news. The way they described it everyone that was anyone had a sefure and this article was simply doing a service to let the unwashed masses in on the secret too. As Koyama read on, his eyes opened wider and wider. He was having some trouble understanding why this was such a popular trend or how sleeping with your guy friends could become a hobby.

Someone opened the door which caused Koyama to quickly close the magazine and throw it on the table. “Koyama-san, Tegoshi-san, were ready for you now,” a staff member announced, only poking their head in far enough to be heard and not even bothering to come into the room. Koyama could feel the heat from his cheeks as he got up and prepared to go on set.

“What were you reading Kei-chan?” Tegoshi asked in a suspicious tone.

Koyama, unable to meet his eyes, answered his question with a question of his own, “Have you ever heard of sefure?”

Tegoshi laughed and said in a superior tone that made Koyama look up, “Of course Kei-chan, everybody knows about those.” Tegoshi leaned forward in a conspiratorial way and said, “I’ve even had one or two.”

Koyama felt his mouth fall open. He'd always known that Tegoshi was up on trends but he could hardly believe that he had just so easily admitted to having two homosexual relationships, even if they were just casual and between friends.

Koyama had wondered at times about Tegoshi. He did love to dress up in women's clothing, but he had always figured that was mostly for work (even if it was sometimes unsolicited). And while he often seemed to have wandering hands, Koyama had always figured Tegoshi was just overly tactile and affectionate.

Tegoshi meanwhile, had developed a large smirk on his face, proud that he was able to shock Koyama so much with his worldly experience.

Shaking his head in an attempt to clear his thoughts, Koyama finally asked the question that had been running through his head since he had started reading the article, “How do straight guys know how to have sex with other guys?”.

The smirk abruptly fell from Tegoshi face. It was replaced first with a look of confusion and then a look of bemused understanding. “Kei-chan, a sefure isn't usually a gu...” but Koyama held up his hand to shush him as the same staff member from before, now looking slightly annoyed, poked their head back in the room

“Koyama-san, Tegoshi-san we’re ready, please.”

Cheeks even brighter than before Koyama bowed and apologized and left the room without a backwards glance.


When Koyama went back to the waiting room to get his bag, he was still very much preoccupied by the article, what Tegoshi had said, and his unanswered question. He hadn't had another private moment to talk to Tegoshi more about sefure or even hear the rest of what he was trying to explain when he’d cut him off.

Their manager had since whisked Tegoshi off to some meeting as soon as they were done. Koyama ignored the tiny pang of jealousy that surfaced anytime he thought about how much busier and in demand Tegoshi was than he was, and instead focused on making sure he hadn't left anything behind.

He let his eyes sweep the room one final time as he headed towards the door and as if there was some magnetic attraction, they immediately fell once again on the magazine on the table. He took one step through the door before he turned and ran back for it, stuffing it roughly in his bag and almost ripping the cover in his haste. Feeling guilty for taking it even though the magazine was probably left there as garbage, Koyama hurried from the building as fast as he could.


He had made dinner plans with a friend he hadn't seen in a while but he had been so preoccupied at martial arts sparing that he hadn't blocked a really basic move and had received a kick in the stomach as a reward.

He was so sore that the thought of having to be “on” for anyone made him cringe.

He just couldn’t shake the content of that article and wasn't sure why he was so fascinated with the idea. Of course it would be nice to have a regular source of sex with no strings attached. And sure, gay sex wasn't exactly a foreign idea in his line of work but HE had never done anything like that.

The other thing that bothered him about it all, though maybe not as much as it should, was that ever since he had read the article the list of possible sefure in his mind only had one name on it.

The hypothetical question wasn't whether or not he could have a trendy new sex partner it was would Shige be his trendy new sex partner and how something like that would work both mentally and physically.

He had just cranked his car when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He quickly dug it out hoping it would be Tegoshi returning his call.

No such luck.

Koyama stared at his phone as the word Shige blinked at him. He briefly wondered how odd this would be before he bit the bullet and pressed talk.


“Hey, what are you doing?” came Shige’s croaky voice.

“I was just heading home.” Koyama answered easily. It surprised him how ‘not weird’ it was even though he had been having sexual thoughts about Shige all day. “Your voice sounds strange are you sick?”

As an answer Shige yawned into the receiver. “Sorry, no I just woke up. I didn't have anything to do today and I stayed up late last night. Do you want to come over?”

Koyama paused. It wasn't like anything would happen if he went over. He had called off his dinner plans because he was sore but hanging out with Shige wasn't the same as hanging out with someone else. They didn't have any pretenses or expectations.

It occurred to Koyama that must be one of the reasons his mind had short listed Shige as his one and only sefure.

“Helloooooo,” Shige yelled through the phone, “are you still there?”

“Yeah, Yeah sorry,” Koyama replied coming out of his revery. “Do you want me to bring anything?”

“No, I'll make something. Have you eaten yet?”

“No,” Koyama said simply.

Koyama could hear the smile in Shige’s voice as he responded, “Then I will cook for Koyama too.”

“I'll be there soon,” and with a click Koyama hung up.


They have a comfortable dinner and Koyama almost forgets about the whole sefure thing. It wasn’t until they are sitting on Shige's couch and Koyama was on his fifth drink that he thinks of it again. He is searching through his bag for some lip balm when the now coverless magazine falls out along with some other items.

With a few drinks under his belt, Koyama sees the whole thing now as funny rather than worrisome. Laughing Koyama clumsily starts repacking the contents of his bag.

“What's so funny?” Shige asks barely moving his eyes away from the TV to find out.

“I was just thinking about an article I read in this magazine,” Koyama says holding up the magazine that he hadn't put away yet.

“I could use a laugh,” Shige says as he switches off the TV. “What's it about?” He asks as he now turns his full attention to Koyama.

Despite his realization of how silly he finds this now, Koyama still blushes as he asks, “Have you ever heard of sefure?”

Koyama is aware that Shige notices his blush which automatically deepens as Shige responds in a puzzled voice, “No, should I have?”.

“Apparently it's a popular fad that you do with your friend. I was reading about it and I thought it was interesting, but I don't have a friend I could do it with. Tegoshi said he had done it before but I just don't know...” Koyama finished, his eyes focused firmly on his hands.

Normally he would just tell Shige the truth, but even drunk he didn't quite have the nerve to say he had been think about having sex with Shige all day.

“Why don't you ask me? We’re much closer than you and Tegoshi and I promise I won't make fun of you if you don't know how to do it right.” Koyama looked at Shige slightly confused.

He was sure that Shige wouldn't volunteer to be his sefure if he knew what it was, and what did Tegoshi have to do with this, he definitely wasn’t an option. And even if he hadn't had any gay sex he thought he had had enough straight sex to figure out what to do or at least what he thought he would like to do.

“Shige, I think you should hear what a sefure is befor...” but before Koyama could finish what he was saying his phone went off, the hard vibration shaking the glass of Shige's glass-topped coffee table.

Breaking the moment completely, Shige quickly grabbed the phone and threw it to Koyama with a look of intense disbelief.

“I told you not to leave your phone on the table. It’s going to break the glass.”

Without apologizing, because Shige had million different rules since he moved out on his own and he couldn't remember them all, Koyama flipped the phone open and checked the screen.

The message was from Tegoshi. He wasn't going to check it at first but he accidentally pushed the open button instead of the cancel and the first few sentences caught his eye. “Dear Kei-chan I think you might be confused about who and what sefure are but here is the answer to your question...”

What followed that was such detailed info on homosexual sex that Koyama couldn't stop reading even if he wanted to.

In the background he distantly heard Shige make an impatient noise then get up from the couch but he didn't try to stop him.

When Koyama read the last part he was almost as shocked as he was when he started reading the part about sex. “Tell Shige I said hi, and take good care of him. I won't tell anyone about this (^o^)/♥(^o^)/♥(^o^)/♥.”

Koyama snapped his phone shut.

How had that little shit know he was at Shige's, and where was Shige? Koyama looked around the room. Shige had never come back.

”SShhhiigggeee, were are you?” Koyama called. “I'm finished. It was just Tegoshi. SSSShhhigggeee!”

Koyama walked to the bedroom and opened the door, but before he could take a step inside, something soft hit his stomach. The object wasn't that hard but the force it was thrown with was and his stomach was still sore from earlier. He doubled over with the impact.

“It was just a pillow Koyama. Quit carrying on,” Shige said with a look that managed to come across as annoyed and concerned at the same time.

“I got kicked in the stomach at sparing practice earlier,” Koyama groaned, straightening up and rubbing his stomach.

“You should have said something earlier idiot! I had no idea you were hurt. Come sit down on the bed. Do you want some ice?”

Koyama crossed the room to the bed and shook his head, “It's fine, it hardly hurts at all. I'm just a little sore. The only reason it even hurts is because I ate so much earlier.”

Shige scooted over on the bed and made room for Koyama, patting the space beside him to indicate Koyama should lie next to him. Taking the offered spot Koyama eased himself down on the bed carefully controlling his face to avoid showing any pain.

“What did you run off for anyway? I was just reading a text.” Koyama noticed Shige stiffen as he transformed back to looking irritated at the mention of the message.

“YOU ALMOST BROKE MY TABLE WITH YOUR STUPID PHONE, AND YOU STOPPED TALKING TO ME MID-SENTENCE TO READ THAT MESSAGE! And why can't I be your sefure!? Why would you consider Tegoshi over me? I guess you are better friends with him than me since he was at least your maybe sefure. I thought we liked trying new things together. I thought I would always be your first pick. I guess I was wrong!” Shige rushed his words together so fast Koyama wasn’t even sure he caught it all.

Koyama's reply seemed slow and calm in comparison

“Shige, you don't even know what a sefure is, and I would never consider...”

“I don't care what it is,” Shige cut him off, “If it's something you want to try, then try it with me. Anyway, I know you love trends and I like to be fashionable too.”

“But Shige,” Koyama interjected in an almost pleading tone, “you could never do this. It wouldn't be good for our friendship.”

“What am I not fashionable enough for you? Is that it? Is that why you are picking Tegoshi?”

“I AM NOT PICKING TEGOSHI! The only person I would even consider is Shige!”

“Then it’s settled. I am your sefure.”



In the next moment, in a much calmer voice Shige asked, “Koyama, now that I am officially your sefure what exactly do I have to do? What does sefure mean? It’s some kind of name squish, right, but I can't figure out what. Maybe if you wrote it down...” Shige trailed off lost in thought.

Koyama was tempted to smack Shige upside the head but he couldn't see how that would help. He also contemplated showing him Tegoshi's email, but he was afraid that might somehow set him off again. He wondered what Shige's reaction was going to be when he told him that he had officially just outed himself.

Koyama thought Shige deserved at least a little pay back for all the grief he had just given him, so he leaned into Shige and whispered softly in his ear, “It stands for sex friends.” Then he captured Shige's lips.

Koyama had only meant the kiss to be a gentle pressing of their lips together, but on contact he felt a thousand sparks shoot through his body. He had spent the day imagining what kissing Shige, amongst other things, would be like but he hadn't expected this. He had thought it would be pleasant but awkward, instead it was soul searing and lust inducing and that was with them just touching lips.

Shige didn't move. Didn't pull away or kiss him back. He just kept his soft full lips completely still.

Koyama wasn't sure what to do. He hadn't thought this part through. His only intention had been to shock Shige which, if his stillness was any indication he had done. But now he didn't want to stop kissing him, if anything he wanted more. It wouldn't hurt to kiss him a little bit more would it? Any damage was already done and Shige could always push him away if he wanted him to stop.

Tentatively he pulled on Shige's bottom lip with his own, sucking it softly then doing the same to the top. Koyama repeated the process several times before what he thought was inconceivable happened and Shige responded.

At first Koyama could barely feel any change but soon Shige was matching him kiss for kiss.

Feeling a little more daring now that Shige was kissing him back he let his tongue trace the crease of Shige's mouth. Shige's tongue greedily answer it and their kiss turned hungry. Shige's arms wrapped around his shoulders deepening their kiss further and pressing their bodies closer together.

Koyama pulled his mouth away in an attempt to catch his breath and he expected Shige to do the same. Instead, Shige's mouth latched on to his ear, sucking and pulling on it in a way that went straight to his groin. He had never expected it would feel anything like this. So good so right. Had also never expected Shige to respond this way or that he would be quite so turned on by Shige as well. He also never realized how sensitive his ears were, it was like they were directly connected to his dick.

Groaning Koyama let his hands explore Shige's body sliding them to the front and under his shirt. Koyama gently tweaked one of Shige's nipples. A deep moan into his skin and the use of his teeth was Shige's reply. Koyama latched his own mouth on to Shige's neck and was rewarded with more skin when Shige arched his neck.

Koyama knew things were heating up. It was like this was where their relationship had always been heading but no one had bother to tell them.

Shige's smell, his taste, the noise he made, were like drugs to him. Drugs he had never known he needed but he'd die without if they were taken from him now.

Koyama wanted them all he wanted to taste every patch of skin, hear every noise, to feel all of Shige. Koyama worked his way down to Shige's collar and pulled at the fabric trying to expose more skin and work his way down even further.

With a frustrated grunt Shige batted Koyama’s hands away, yanked the shirt over his head and threw it to the floor then tried to do the same to Koyama's shirt but had trouble getting it over his head. Koyama quickly helped him complete the task, getting it the rest of the way off.

For the first time since they started kissing their eyes met. Koyama hadn't thought about what he expected to see in Shige's eyes but the raw lust he saw there now made him squirm as he felt his pants tighten even more.

He brought their lips back together and pushed against Shige, slowly guiding him to lie back on the bed, as he brought his own body down on top of him. Koyama moaned as their bare skin made contact. It felt as as if anywhere their bodies touched was on fire.

Koyama moved his lower half to cover Shige fully, but before he could lower himself all the way, Shige was thrusting up to meet him. The friction felt so good it hurt. Koyama could feel Shige whimpering into his mouth as he rubbed their erections together again, quickly finding a rhythm with Shige meeting him move for move.

He hadn't felt pleasure this strongly before. He wanted it to last for as long as he could, but Shige wasn't making it easy. He was grabbing and clawing at Koyama’s shoulders in a way that sent tingles down his spine. Then he started to move his hand between their bodies, hesitant at first but with increasing determination as it crept lower and lower.

“Oh, God, yes,” Koyama was surprised to find that the words came from his own mouth, though he meant everyone of them as Shige's hand touched the waist band of his pants. Koyama's breath caught in his throat and his body went completely still.

Shige dipped his hand inside making immediate contact with his cock. Koyama bit his lip and let the breath had been holding out through his nose as he twitched in Shige's hand and fought hard not to come.

Shige moved slowly at first, tentatively sliding his fingers up and down like he wasn't sure that what he was doing was OK though Koyama was sure that he had made it perfectly clear that it was. Koyama could still feel Shige rubbing against his thigh as he brought his own hand down Shige's chest and let it slip inside his pants and underwear cupping Shige’s length then slowly wrapping his fingers around it. Shige’s low moan brought a smile to Koyama’s face.

Thinking about pleasing Shige was helping him maintain what was left of his composure even as Shige upped his tempo, and arched into him. Koyama marveled at the unique and powerful feeling of holding someone else so intimately in his hand. It felt like nothing he had ever known. Maybe this was the reason you had sex with your friends.

He could honestly say he had never felt closer to Shige than he did now. It only made him want more. He needed to be there as Shige fell apart so that he could help put him back together and claim him as his own. Not as simply some sex friend but as something much more important that Koyama couldn't name just yet.

He changed the angle of his hand in order to secure a better grip and kissed his way back down to Shige's chest. He latched onto a nipple sucking and nipping at it all the while keeping his hand pumping at a steady pace as Shige writhed and tangled his fingers in Koyama’s hair. Shige's hand on Koyama’s own flesh was losing momentum as Shige started to chant Koyama's name. His husky tone like a sexy cheerleader encouraging him to bring Shige home to victory.

Koyama brought his free hand down into his own pants and intertwined his fingers with Shige's urging him to keep going. When Shige responded Koyama rewarded him with a small bite to his nipple.

Shige stiffened and with a final moan of “Koyama” came in hot spurt on Koyama's hand and his own stomach.

Koyama knew it had taken all his resolve and strength to hold out for this moment and with the evidence of Shige's desire for him dripping from one hand, he used their joined hands to make a final stroke as he came in a blinding flash of white.


The next morning Koyama was awakened by something being thrown at his head. He cracked one eye open and tried to remember where he was.

As he looked at Shige's irritated face the memories of last night came flooding back to him.

Shige becoming his sefure. Giving each other mind-blowing hand jobs and Shige becoming (in his mind at least) more than just his sefure. Getting cleaned up and going at it again before falling asleep together naked.

Koyama couldn't contain the huge smile that spread across his face as he patted his hand around the bed in search of the object that had been thrown at him.

“Good morning to you too,” He said to Shige as his hand made contact with the offending item.

“It's the middle of the afternoon Koyama.”

“Why did you throw this magazine at me?” Koyama asked frowning as he noticed it was the one that he’d taken from the photo shoot.

“I just got an email from Tegoshi. Koyama, did you even read that article?”

“Of course I did. Well, most of it... Why, what's wrong?”

“Koyama, that is a women's magazine.”

Koyama paused and thought about it for a moment. He still didn’t really understand what Shige's point was. “Do you mean it's for lesbians?”

Shige smacked his own forehead and then in a slow, calm voice said, “It's about girls having sex with their guy friends.”

Koyama's face slowly turned pink as the realization of what Shige was saying finally set in.

It takes several moments before he speaks again, but the words are clear and hold no hint of embarrassment. “So what?”

Shige looks like he wants to argue but then Koyama pulls him fully clothed onto the bed where he is very much naked and all of him is awake.

“Speaking of Tegoshi. I need to show you this email he sent me last night. I think you will find it very interesting.”

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