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First Post to this community...*nervous* 

Title: Is that a silver sixpence in your shoe?

Author: Kaminikaku

Rating: Gen

Pairing: Hint of KoyaShige

Summary: Koyama has fifteen minutes to answer four questions. All he has to do is tell them the first thing that comes to mind....what do his answers tell us?

A/N: The title will make sense by the end, promise! Thanks also to the fabulous [info]wrenne25  for her beta-helping! Written for the  [info]koyato October prompt of "Something" and arriving just under the wire......


Disclaimer: I own no one, real, fictional or otherwise. I contribute only the fluff and the angst!

Koyama looked at the questionnaire in front of him, and sighed. Another one. This made it five already this month, and for some reason it was getting harder to find something cute or funny or different to say in each one.

Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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