kaminikaku (kaminikaku) wrote in koyashigedake,

Tambourine Dreams - KoyaShige One Shot (PG13 with a bit of allusions...)

Title: Tambourine Dreams.
Pairing/Group: KoyaShige - NEWS
Rating: PG13 (bit of allusion going on)
Warnings: None apart from angsty fluff ahoy!
Notes: I'll say it here, thanks Santa Johnny for organising this once more, you guys rock. And Merry Christmas to everyone! And a huge thanks to my lovely beta wrenne25-chan who is awesome.
Summary: Shige's finding it difficult to sleep as his various personas from his Tambourine PV come out to play. The question is why are they there, and what do they want?

This was originally posted as part of je_hols 2009, and was a gift fic written for [info]xx_me_myself_i

Fic can be found here: kaminikaku.livejournal.com/1739.html

Tags: fanwork : fanfiction

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