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[Fic Drabbles] 2 Koyato fics

I had posted a series of drabbles I wrote in jent_fanfics but neglected to put the Koyato ones, which I'm somewhat happy with (X3), in this comm.

Title: Touch (I'm just using the theme I got for when I used to JE Crack Pairing Generator)
Rating: R at the most?
Word Count: 1,099
A/N: Somewhat long... I wrote this between times when I was fully awake and times when I was sleepy.



The sleeping figure of Koyama Keiichiro lay sprawled over the living room couch of Kato Shigeaki’s apartment. The brown-haired sleeping boy had his head resting on one of the arm rests with his long legs able to hang over the other end’s arm rest as well. One hand was hidden behind his head of light hair to support his head while his other hand was flat against his bare abdomen that came to be exposed from his lifted shirt. One can only assume that he had the habit of scratching his stomach during his sleep.




It was well past noon and the scent of food was lingering throughout the apartment. Shige peered over the backside of the couch, looking down at his boyfriend, who was peaceful in his slumber. The younger boy leaned down on the top of the back of couch so that his elbows held his upper body while his back was arched as his still stood on his legs. He couldn’t help but admire the beauty he saw in Koyama’s resting body and face. However, as much as Shige wanted to continue his sight seeing, he definitely did not want the meal he prepared to go to waste. He reached a hand down to Koyama’s shoulder and shook it softly in hopes that an easy waking would be all that was necessary to get him up.


“It’s lunch time, Kei-chan. Get up, now,” he said in a soft, loving tone as if he were a mother waking up her child.


There was a slight flinch from Koyama’s face. His brows furrowed slightly and his lips pursed into a pout—a sure sign that he was awoken from the gentle shaking of his shoulder. Koyama wasn’t that much of a heavy sleeper at all. Shige would know. In the mornings after their nights together, Shige would find himself alone on the bed but the sound of the running shower or the smell of breakfast would comfort him.


Shige was awaiting the natural routine of a person getting up after being woken up but such a response did not come from Koyama. Instead, his face went back to its relaxed state and he continued to sleep, or at least appear to be asleep. The act certainly did not convince Shige though. He knew the older boy was awake and it seemed like Koyama wanted to be difficult and tease him. Shige simply sighed and stood up from his leaning position to step around the couch where he lowered himself down to his knees beside Koyama. A smile couldn’t help but form on Shige’s lips. He placed a hand on top of Koyama’s hand that rested upon his stomach.


There was the response of Koyama’s breathing being hitched for a split-second and his stomach withdrawing in at the feel of the new touch on his skin. Still, the taller male remained unmoving and returned to his easy breathing pattern. That pattern was quickly broken once he felt the warm hands of the other brushing along his sides and his green t-shirt being pushed upward in the process. Koyama broke out in a shudder and just knew he had goosebumps all over his skin now that his chest was exposed to new air and Shige’s warm skin.


Koyama’s reaction amused Shige, only wanting to do more. The younger of the two had been so used to his body being played with affectionately under the work of Koyama’s hands. It was his turn to see what his own hands can do to Koyama. Shige sat himself beside the legs of older boy’s laying body, shifting Koyama further against the couch cushions. He had pushed the other’s shirt up until it reached his underarms and held it in place. Next, he extended his thumbs over Koyama’s pale chest and teased his pink nipples.


A hiss escaped through Koyama’s lips as his body shuddered once again. He resisted the urge to let out a soft moan, not wanting to let Shige get to him so soon. Koyama continued to suppress the reactions his body wants to do and hopes he will be able to control himself for what more Shige had prepared for him.


No way was Shige planning to stop now. He felt his boyfriend’s nipples harden under his fingers then flicked the small nubs. A struggled exhale of air came from Koyama along with his chest rising up in an unconscious attempt to feel more of Shige’s hands. Shige continued his play on the other boy’s nipples before he wanted to move onto more teasing of Koyama’s body.


It was obvious at how Koyama tried his hardest to keep his body from responding so vulnerably at the ministrations on his skin. He forced his body to lay stiff, hard against Shige’s hands to tense his muscles so not to let any stimulus create any reaction.


Shige evidently was not pleased at Koyama’s later response of trying to keep himself still when he tightened his lips. The line of Shige’s lips softened slightly then slowly curved into a smirk, his eyes glinting devilishly. Shige licked his lips moist to prepare for his next attack on Koyama’s body. He lowered his head down to the waist of the male being preyed on and placed a long, wet lick into Koyama’s bellybutton. Shige then wasted no time to lightly blow his breath over the wet crevice to create the cooling sensation. The smooth mew that came from Koyama’s lips greatly excited Shige to no end over his lover’s response to a simple lick and blow. He didn’t care for the food that waited patiently on the table to be eaten anymore.


Koyama didn’t know how much more he would be able to take. He knew he had been able to stand much more than this, but he just couldn’t understand why this was being so much more effective on him. Maybe it was because his body was being sensitive after just waking up? Was it because he gets turned on when Shige took some initiative? Perhaps that was it. Why? Because when Koyama suddenly felt the button to his jeans become unclasped and the sound of the zipper unlocking, his eyes immediately opened and his leaned himself up against his elbows to look down at Shige. Koyama stared with a flushed face at the younger male who was grinning seductively back at him from his open pants. “Shige-kun… we should get started on lunch, ne?”


Shige smirked with sharp eyes at Koyama as he tugged at his boxers. “I know. I am.”


(Author’s Notes: This one too me quite a while. I kept on coming back and forth with this one so… things here and there changed. This is my first Koyato fic and well… first fic in a long time!)

Title: The Way I Am
Rating: PG
Word Count: 991
A/N: A lot of people seemed to like this one. I hope you guys would too. It's pretty cute. ^^

Koyama Keiichiro smiled as he looked down at sleeping face of Kato Shigeaki, who was resting his head upon his lap while the rest of his body laid along the park bench the two of them shared. To Koyama, Shige has always been a beautiful person, in and out. As the years of their friendship and relationship grew, the more he saw of Shige’s beauty. He let his fingers gently sweep Shige’s soft bangs from his face, leaving it clear for his thumbs to brush over the younger boy’s relaxed brows. His index and middle fingers busied themselves by tracing over Shige’s lips, the lips of which he had gotten to know so well.


The older male lifted his eyes to look at the dimming sky that warned him of the approaching night. If time continues to be spent like this, they would miss their train home. However, Koyama would have preferred to stay like this forever with Shige within his grasp. And yet, Koyama felt the chill of the evening coming to his bare arms and surely did not want Shige to sleep amongst the cold.


Before he would wake the younger male from his sleep, a small groan told Koyama that he was already ready to wake. Shige stretched his arms over his head and curled his body so that his yawn was muffled against the cotton of Koyama’s tank. After Shige’s long and exaggerated stretch and yawn, his large, dark eyes blinked open and peeked up at his human pillow. “Hmm… what time is it?” Shige’s eyes wandered about his environment for a second before meeting with Koyama’s gaze again. “It’s almost dark.”


“It’s about 8:40 right now.” The brownish-golden haired male smiled as he saw the widening of Shige’s eyes. “I know, I should have woken you up earlier, but you look so pretty when you sleep.” Koyama grinned madly while playing with Shige’s hair between his fingers.


“Baka,” Shige said playful meaning but with a pout on his lips. “The next train is in 10 minutes. We should get to the station soon.” Shige picked his head up from Koyama’s lap and then stood up from the bench. He let out another yawn and did another stretch of his arms and back before he picked his messenger bag from the wooden seat he had laid on and let it hang over his shoulder and across his chest.


Koyama took his time to watch the actions of the darker haired boy from his place on the bench. Once he saw Shige’s impatient expression directed towards him, Koyama said a light ‘Hai, hai’ and got up, also placing his own sling bag over his body. When Koyama shifted his bag to rest and hit against the back of his left leg, a small wonder suddenly plagued his mind.


“Come on. We should make it there in time even if we do a normal walk.” Shige took hold of Koyama’s hand tugged him slightly. When he felt the slightly resistance of Koyama staying still in his spot, he pulled even harder on his boyfriend. “Kei-chan.” The younger male looked up at Koyama to see an disposition of deep thought on his face while stilling gazing at Shige. “What’s up?”


“I just realized something. I don’t know if it’s something to question about though…” Koyama let himself move and begin their walk to the train station, still holding on to Shige’s hand. “You’re left handed, right?”


At the question, Shige couldn’t help but raise a brow at the randomness of it. “Yeah, but, you know that. What about it?” he asked with his head to said as they walked through the park.


Koyama gave a light shake of his head in response. “It’s not much, but I realized that you and I wear our bags the same way. We both put the sling over our right shoulder while the bag is along our left time. I just thought since we have different laterality, I thought that the habit of how to wear a sling bag should also apply. Like, I’d wear the strap over my right and you over your left. Do you get me?”


Shige smiled, and even chuckled lightly. “Well, I understand where you’re coming from. However, I don’t know if it’s a part of natural habit for us to wear our bags differently. Not like I know of any scientific study or anything.” Having had said that, Shige looked over at Koyama and saw the other male obviously still thinking about it.


“But, now I don’t know whether or not I’m supposed to be wearing my bag correctly or not.” Koyama parted hands with Shige for a moment to shift the position of his bag so it would rest against his right leg as opposed to his left. After some steps while walking with his bag that way, he sighed and returned it to its normal position then grasped Shige’s hand again.


“Don’t think about it too much,” Shige said with a smile. “I haven’t said this before because I thought it wasn’t a big deal and I thought you’d find it pretty silly.”


Now, Koyama looked at Shige with a questioning expression on his face. “Why? What is it?”


A small smile graced Shige’s lips as his free hand tugged on the bag strap across his chest. “When we first met and when I first realized my crush on you, I noticed that you always wore your strap bags like that. I really did use to wear mine over my left but I let myself get used to wearing it on my right so I would be able to wear it like you.”


Koyama stared at Shige with the blank look of  ‘Really?’ on his face upon hearing this new story. “Did you really change your own habit for that?”


Shige nodded proudly with a grin. “Of course. I guess that’s just the way I am.”


(Author’s Notes: I think the feeling and atmosphere in this one shifted quite a bit from the beginning to the end. I think it’s pretty obvious that I started getting lazy and just wanted to finish it, ne? There was a little bit of more description in the beginning whereas the end just had talking and actions. Okay, also, I really have no idea with the thing of lefties and righties. Also, I don’t even know if Shige is a full-on leftie. When I saw him using a tennis racket in the Teppen PV I immediately assume that he’s left handed, but my sister is ambidextrous when it comes to sports so I doubt myself. Also, I’ve always wondered if lefties and righties have differences in wearing messenger bags and such so I just put it in the story as well. Of course, I was too lazy to really search it up as well. Anyone know? X3)

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