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[Koyama] Member-Ai LOVE 545 2010 April 02nd

Koyama Member-Ai LOVE 545
2010 April 02nd

It seemed like the sakuras bloomed in Tokyo yesterday sun

But, night comes.
Strong wind. Strong wind. Strong wind.

Wouldn't the sakuras that had finally bloomed be all blown onto the floors?

I had wanted to go admire the flowers this year~
What to do!?

The "News Every" that airs every Thursday has me on it:D!!

I will put in my best efforts bringing in the feelings as new memberpunch2

Kamada Minoru -san's part of the show is "Stop working hard"

The part I will be on is "I do mind!"
I will send the messages across as I keep learning in the show.

So please do watch this if you have the time!!!!!!!!

Speaking of which
On next week, but not Thursday
It is the 9th, Friday!!
It would be Yamapi's birthday, and also Shige's drama "Troubleman" airing date!!

Just before "News Every" aired yesterday, I received a gambatte mail from Shige!
Thank you my close friend!

Has everyone listened to "Sakura Girl"?
I went to a CD shop on the day of release and saw someone buying "Sakura Girl" melody
Was so happy melody

This is a song that all of us had chosen amongst the many awaiting songs tegoshidesu
I believe this will send our regards to our fans!!

And later today,
Will be going to Music Station SP~melody
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