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[Koyama Diary] Member Ai 2010 April 12th - Love 548

Koyama Diary Member Ai
2010 April 12th
Love 548

Has everyone watched "News Every"?tegoshidesu

The last time it aired was April 9th, The Worm/Uterus Day

The uterus gets cancer too
"Uterus Cancer"
And to prevent and stop this

Called for the "Taking the vaccine" and "Checkups regularly"

Everyone, please do consider, and really hope that it would persuade more people to "Take the vaccine" and "Regular checkups"

This week, my show on Thursday
Please watch it if you have the time!

Change of topic!!

"Troubleman" starring Kato Shigeaki
Has everyone seen it?

Iya iya
It is confusing nesweatsweat

"Trouble + Trouble = Panic"

This kind of feeling, even I got confused watching it!!!!

The story really feels like it is running ne, interestingly making the audience feel uneasy:D
Shige, that is some good runarrowuparrowuparrowup

Looking forward to the next episode tootegoshidesu
Good job!!

Saigoni Kyono

This is hard to understand ne:D

Today's announcement!!!!!!

"KchanNEWS" is on air live again tonight!!!!

Everyone is curious about the guests ne
There are 2 of them!!

But as to who, it's a secrettegoshidesu


Really do not want to have a reaction like this from eeryone
So give a hint

Only a characteristic tegoshidesu

Someone who is harmlessly self-centered, and,
Regardless of the seasons
Even wearing a T-shirt during wintertegoshidesu

Ah~ who are they??
This hint, it would be hard to tell.......... I thinksweat

So, good night★
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