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♥ KoyaShigeDake ♥

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~ KoyaShigeDake ~
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Welcome to KoyaShigeDake a community dedicated to Koyama Keiichiro (小山慶一郎) and Kato Shigeaki (加藤シゲアキ) – KoyaShige – from the group NEWS.

This community was formerly known as Koyato and the name has been updated to reflect their official sub-unit name.

Anyone with an interest in Koyama and Shige is welcome to join.

Some background information can be found here:
KoyaShige Pimp Post
★ Koyama/小山慶一郎 on Wikipedia: Japanese / English
★ Shige/加藤シゲアキ on Wikipedia: Japanese / English

Community Rules
All posts must relate to Koyama and/or Shige
Show respect at all time for Koyama, Shige and the members of this community
Only members can post to the community
Please mark entries clearly, eg. ratings and warnings on fanfic, spoiler warnings for dramas/stage plays etc
Use lj-cuts for long posts, including large or many pictures. Preview images are okay outside the cut
Please lock all posts containing media
Please tag your posts properly


Community originally created by anepotter

koyama keiichiro. kato shigeaki, 加藤シゲアキ, 小山慶一郎

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