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In Wink Up, January 2014 there are interviews where they talk about girls and relationships and all that usual stuff. The last question was “present state” which was supposed to any recent story but it was funny in the context because Koyama wrote:

"Recently I went to eat out with Shige and a common friend. It’s been awhile so I was excited. We went to a place I frequent and Shige greeted them saying something like: “Thanks for always taking care of Koyama”. As expected he is my husband.”
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[Translation] KoyaShige crosstalk Myojo April 2012

With thanks to spilledmilk25 this is the translation of the KoyaShige crosstalk from the latest Myojo (April 2012 issue). The theme of the crosstalks in this issue was along the lines of a novel. It starts with how two people met and then focuses on a few major points that followed in their friendship.

KoyaShige talk about their early days together, including how they've been together almost from the moment Koyama joined Johnnys, and the cementing of their friendship.

The meeting
K: One week after I entered the agency Johnny-san introduced Shige to me saying "This is your partner"*. This happened 12 years ago and things never changed since then, isn't it amazing?

S: But when I was doing Kinpachi Sensei you were in Shock and your partner was Taguchi. That time I felt like you were cheating on me (lol).

[*Shinme: In Johnny's it's the guy who does your same things. Sing the same part of the song, wears the same costume, does the same dancing, etc.]

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shige's face for me

A Koyashige translation snippet.

From the 2012.02 Duet. This is a small snippet of Koyashige love translated by [info]enshinge

With Koyama... it's kind of like I've been with him since birth and we'll be living together when we get old too? no no, like, I think I'll be with him till I die (lol). Mm, kind of like twins? If then, I'd be the younger brother. twins, but with opposite personalities. Koyama's the type that looks straight forwards, he's honest and simple. I'm the type who looks back at the past, I'm sarcastic and do the opposite of what people want me to. While Koyama's 99% pure, I'm full of impurities. Usually, he's the one that's reliable so the younger brother goes and does what he wants. So the little brother looks like he'd cause more trouble, but sometimes he thinks "hmm? is my brother really OK?" and he takes care of his older brother sometimes like that. You know how twin brothers sometimes switch roles like that? that's exactly what I mean.

Scan by inala originally posted here
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Duet 2011.08 KoyaShige Translation

Duet 2011.08 – 5 more minutes until your smile – Koyashige crosstalk translation

Koyama and Shige have a crosstalk about “waiting” and “meeting up” with people. Some amusing KoyaShige interaction and stories about what they would do when meeting with a girl. Also a brief mention of Massu and Maruyama’s visits to see Rokugatsu no Bitter Orange!

Translation by daelite  at Life is Good translations can be found here.