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TegoMass - Hanabi

KoyaShige Pimp Post

So I thought that instead of sucking and doing nothing but lurking and asking the occasional question here, I should actually... you know. Do something to give back.

So I bring you a KoyaShige Pimp Post filled with pictures and video clips and other less important stuff for you to feast on.

Also, SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Share with everyone! Particularly if they are just getting into Johnny's and could do with some good old KoyaShige conversion therapy to make sure they get off to the right start in this fandom. 8D
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requesting for some koyato pics..

i've read the rules in the profile page, and it didn't say anything about requesting permission, so i hope this is okay..?? ^^;;

anyways, i'm in search of some koyato pics, so please help me out??
sushi/tegomasu's always been my otp, so i never noticed any other pairings until recently ^^;;
koyato is so cute~ wonder why i didn't pay any attention to them before >.>

thanks very much in advance and sorry if requests aren't allowed here m(_ _)m
Kurosagi Maido Ari

KoyaShige Love!

I was looking at the TV Guide scans and noticed something... Shige's ring. It's a belt, right? But I knew I saw it before and looked at the Pacific Album and saw that on Koyama's page there was a picture of a hand with a ring. With a belt.
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It's the same ring, right? So then, why would Koyama take a picture of SHIGE's hand and put in in the snapshots on his own page... It's love XDDD

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