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Softsubs updated for KoyaShige news every interviews for Senko Scramble and Burn

With many thanks to mou_kai softsubs are now available for the two most recent KoyaShige interviews related to Shige's novels on news every. The raw video and the link for the subs are in each of the posts below.


Senko Scramble Interview - March 2013


Burn Interview - April 2014

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0 Goshitsu no Kyaku "Huesped de la Habitacion" Cap 3~


Para todas las fans de habla española, NewS chile ABO les trae el episodio 3 de "Huesped de la Habitacion 0" con subtitulos en español ^^... Completo! :D

Aviso: No subtitularemos toda la serie. Solo los episodios 3 y 5 (por ser los de Shige y Koyama).

nozomikiri  por los raws y a newshfan por la traduccion en ingles.



I am ashamend, as Kei´s fan I missed that he was in Hanamaru caffee like two weeks ago. Today my friend finally linked me to download link and ...well since all of those things he was saying there were already discussed in Kei-chan NEWS before, I wasn´t surprised by those, but there was a secret photo marked with HEART! And it was oh sooooo famous photo of Koyashige shared bed in NY!

Look at the scene <3

Collapse )
At the beginning when all NEWS members agreed to Koyama being a KIND person only Shige´s name was missing with that answer. HOW cutely Kei cracked: "Why Shige didn´t say I am kind! He is the one I am the kindest to!" heheheh <3

And his: "Well is emmbrassing (sleeping in one bed) eventhough we are TOGETHER for 8 years."

And also they asked how come he gets along with three yeas younger boy so well. And Kei was like: "Well he is mature and some people say he´s a ~old man~ type. But..yeah, he is mature that´s why we get along." -> I wonder what´d Shige say if he heard that. Something like: "I am mature contrary to you, that´s why we compliment each other." hehehe XD